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About Us & FAQ

William R. "Dody" Campbell


With over 40 years of experience, "Dody" Campbell is one of the most experienced and respected Memorialists in the United States. He is a Past President of the Southern Monument Builders (2005-2007), a former District Trustee for the Monument Builders of North America, and Memorialist of the Year in 2014 for the Southern Monument Builders. "Dody" received his Master's Degree from Northwestern State University in 1976.

Jason R. Campbell, CM  AICA


Jason started working for the family business full time in 2002 when he graduated Northwestern State University. He grew up in the family business and is knowledgeable in all areas. Jason is the only Certified Memorialist (CM) in Louisiana as recognized by the Monument Builder's of North America. He was invited to join the prestigious American Institute of Commemorative Art (AICA) in 2011 making him the only member in Louisiana. He has won numerous design awards on the national and regional level. Jason is a Past President of the Southern Monument Builders (2013-2014) and currently serves on its Board of Directors. He is currently serving as District Trustee for his local region.

Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of warranty do you offer?
Campbell Monument Company offers a lifetime warranty on all domestic stones. Imported stones have a limited term warranty depending on what is purchased. A full version of our warranty is available on request.
My mother bought a monument from your company when my father died and she has now passed away. What do I need to do to have her final date engraved?
Email us at with the name, cemetery, and date to be inscribed. Final dates are done as a courtesy by our company.
We bought a monument from another company and need a final date done. Can you help us with that?
Unfortunately no. Our company does not do any final dates other than our own. In order to match the lettering exactly, we recommend you contact the original company where the monument was purchased.
How long does it take to get a memorial finished?
Once the monument is purchased and the proof is approved it takes about 60 days for domestic orders and usually about 120 days for import orders. All of this depends on factors like weather, complexity of the design, etc.
Aren't all stones the same?
Absolutely not. Monuments have been made out of several different stones historically. Marble and granite are the two most popular. There are many different grades of granite. You can easily be sold an inferior stone if you aren't properly educated on the differences in stones.
What is a Certified Memorialist®?
A Certified Memorialist® is someone who has undergone hours of study, received continuing education and passed a rigorous exam. They also have to continue to stay abreast of changes in the industry and are re-tested every three years. The CM label is the highest level of distinction a monument retailer can achieve.
The cemetery says that we have to buy the monument from them. Is this true?
No! This is illegal and is a violation of federal free trade laws. You can buy a monument wherever you want to. Cemeteries may add fees in order to mark the proposed area, but they cannot force you or threaten you in order to make a sale. A local experienced monument dealer is a much better source for monuments, plus you will get a better product and service.
Member of Monument Builders of North America
Member of American Institute of Commemorative Art
Memeber of Southern Monument Builders
Certified Memorialist
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